Update for Clients:

WP will be continuing to operate as normal, whilst taking precautions, until further notice.

We are on hand to supply temporary staff at short notice to cover any shortfalls or additional resources required.
We are asking all temporary workers before placement to confirm they are not showing symptoms or have been exposed to someone who has displayed symptoms or recently visited an ‘affected area’ prior to placement and are maintaining contact with them throughout the booking.

Update for Applicants:

WP are operating as usual, we still have vacancies available, including additional temporary staff requests in light of the C19 Virus, that said, although we are still conducting face to face registrations with all candidates,  we ask that if you have been exposed to or have symptoms please notify the office prior to attending your appointment: 01983 822615

Update for Temporary Workers:

I am sure you are aware that the Covid-19 virus has now reached and is spreading through the UK, the intention of this email is not to alarm or to cause any concern, we simply wish to make you aware that we are invested in your welfare and as you are not working from our offices and therefore we do not have control over the environment you are working within, if you have any concerns;

  1. Relating to the company you are assigned to


  1. Relating to possible contact with someone outside of the work place who you think may have been affected,

please contact our office as soon as possible on 01983 822615 or email:

In addition if you have recently returned from or are planning to visit any of the areas affected by diagnosis of the virus, for any duration, we ask that you notify our office immediately, we will then discuss with the company you are contracted to the action they wish to take.

In the meantime please can we ask that you follow any measures put into place by the company you are assigned to, in relation to hygiene to minimise the risk of the spread of the virus, or any other illness.


Please do see the following websites for up to date information and advice:


We hope you and your families continue to stay well.

Kindest regards,

Kate Thomas
WP Recruitment & HR Ltd