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Temporary Workers

Why use temporary workers?

If your company is included in the number of industries uncertain about the impact the current economy will have on business, but you still need to be productive, WP Recruitment & HR Ltd has an effective solution.
Our temporary staff will allow you to continue efficient progress without committing permanently to increased manpower costs and administration.

Temporary workers can be required for a number of reasons such as; cover for sickness, holidays and maternity leave or as an extra member of staff for a project or seasonal peaks of work that would not  warrant permanent status.

Temporary staff can also be assigned to cover a position that is being recruited for permanently, whilst selection is in progess, so there is no backlog of work. In this case a temporary to permanent placement may be an option, where the candidate is assigned on a temporary basis initially, allowing the client to have a ‘trial run’ before taking them on as a permanent member of staff.

In each case   recruitment is specific to each individual company’s requirements, the hourly charge differs from position to position dependent upon duties and experience required. Rates can be obtained upon application.

How to hire temporary workers…

  • Contact our office and describe your requirements e.g. duties, hours of work, skills required, the period of cover etc. For long term bookings you may wish to supply a brief job description. You may also wish for one of our consultants to visit your company to get a better insight into your requirements.
  • For long term bookings you may wish to see a selection of CVs of suitable candidates and/or conduct informal interviews with candidates before you assign a temporary worker, all of which is organised by our office.
  • Once the temporary worker has commenced work and an induction (or handover if the person they will be covering for is to be absent) has been completed, you are then responsible for monitoring their hours each day and signing off their timesheet at the end of the week. The temporary worker will then return this to the Agency allowing their wages to be paid and you will be invoiced only for the hours they have worked.
  • In the unlikely event that you do not think the candidate we have assigned is suitable, you will not be charged if you notify us within 4 hours.
  • For repeat bookings, it is possible to have the same temporary worker return, dependent upon their availability, saving time on inductions/handovers.

We are responsible for all Temporary Workers’ wages including deductions, employers National Insurance contributions and holiday pay, saving you administration time and costs. (please note that all rates quoted could be subject to change after 12 weeks supply in order to comply with AWR Legislation and Auto Enrolment under the Pension Act)

Permanent Staff

Why use WP Recruitment & HR Ltd to recruit for Permanent Staff?

Agencies can be used in the recruitment of permanent staff for a number of reasons such as; if the company do not have the time or resources to complete the recruitment process themselves, if the company has already gone through the recruitment process and been unsuccessful, if the company is simultaneously recruiting with an agency to ensure they have the widest and best selection of candidates available, or if the company wants to keep the vacancy they are recruiting for confidential.

In the current climate there are more people applying for each position, sometimes hundreds, not all of whom match the selection criteria. Using our agency ensures you only receive details of candidates who match your specifications, who have already been assessed and referenced to confirm suitability, saving you time. We also confidentially advertise your vacancy free of charge cutting your recruitment costs.

How to recruit for permanent staff through WP Recruitment & HR Ltd…

  • Again the first step is to contact us and detail your requirements. It is useful to supply a job description and person specification, if you have one and the range of salary you are looking to pay. You may also wish to provide website addresses or marketing literature that we can pass onto any prospective suitable candidates in order to promote your company.
  • Next we will search through our existing register and advertise the position to ensure we attract the best possible pool of candidates for you to choose from. We will  then interview and assess the interested candidates to determine their suitability
  • Once short-listed, we will forward the selection of candidates’ CVs to you, usually via email.
  • It is then your decision as to whether you would like to see any of the submitted candidates for interview; this would then be arranged at a convenient time for both you and the candidate.
  • Once a candidate has been offered a position and accepted, the Agency will confirm the placement in writing to both you and the candidate.
  • No charge is made until the successful candidate has commenced work.
  • A rebate scheme is available, subject to our terms and conditions, if the candidate is found unsuccessful or a replacement can be found free of charge.
  • Temporary to Permanent placements are also an option as previously mentioned, where the temporary worker is transferred onto your payroll after their trial period, subject to a transfer fee.
  • Advice can be given on personnel related issues such as contracts, handbooks, policies etc.


We provide private interviewing facilities at our premises in central Newport, for your use, as part of our services. Perfect for confidential vacancies, those of a sensitive nature or if you would just like to interview off site. If you are using our agency to recruit for a position these facilities are free of charge.
These facilities may also be useful for grievance or return to work interviews as a neutral ground (for example for stress related issues where the employee is then not exposed to the environment causing their condition) for this a small charge will be made.
Booking should be made in advance to guarantee availability, please contact our office for further information.

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