CV Advice

There is no wrong or right way to compile your CV. As an Agency we see different CV’s everyday and have an idea of what works and what doesn’t. Please use this information as a guide only;

Good CV’s are clearly set out with headers, short sentences and bullet points. You have to think about the person who will be reading them and the fact that yours may be the twentieth CV they have read that day so if is hard to read or it waffles on too much may have a detrimental effect.

Your CV is your selling tool, it is an introduction to You so you want it to be interesting and stand out, make sure the information you have is relevant to the jobs you wish to apply for. You may want to include things that are not relevant to the jobs e.g. Scuba Diving qualifications but don’t make this a main point.

Be honest use factual information only as you will probably be asked about certain things upon interview.

Your CV should include the following sections:

PERSONAL DETAILS: Including the following
• Name
• Nationality
• Address
• Telephone numbers
• Details of driving licence in applicable (include other licences if relevant to job you are applying for e.g. forklift)

EMPLOYMENT: For each position include
• Job Title
• Name of Company
• Start and Finish dates
• Main duties and responsibilities in bullet point format
• Reason for leaving (optional)

Don’t leave any gaps of time, if you were unemployed, raising a family or travelling include this in the time scale. Also list any achievements you feel you had in each case.

EDUCATION: If just left school or university you may wish to place this section before your employment history as it may be more relevant.

• School/College/University
• Qualifications/Courses and the grades achieved.

Also add any training courses you have attended and any certificates gained. Especially if this may be relent to the jobs you are applying for e.g. Hygiene Certificate.

SKILLS: add any skills you think will be relevant to the employment you are seeking.
e.g. Computer literacy, software used, typing speeds. Any Foreign languages etc.

Include and hobbies or interests or any personal attributes

REFERENCES: Available upon request.

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