Advice from Local Employers:

“ Make your covering letter no more than 3 paragraphs; 1. What job you are applying for and where it was advertised. 2. Why you are right for the role (use some key words from the job advertisement). 3. When you are available and how they can contact you ie email / mobile. Keep your CV relevant, 2 pages only and include a mission statement. Tailor your CV to the specific job that you are applying for. Do as much research as possible, always have questions prepared, even if you already know the answer to them. I would recommend having 3 questions prepared. Always have an answer prepared to the question ‘why do you want to join our company’. Think ahead of an interview about the job that you are applying for and what skills you have the match the job. Prepare some notes with bullet points if you need to. At Interview: Talk slowly and breathe Wear smart clothes that you are comfortable in. Always say yes to a drink and ask for water as you might need it during the interview. Ensure you have a haircut & do not chew gum.” Samantha Woodman – Wightlink