Advice from Local Employers:

“In the 21st century, ‘soft skills’ are often more important than ‘hard skills’. Organisations will start to look more for people that can interact with other humans, especially as technology advances forward. Think about your attitude towards learning, things will be constantly be changing so you need to KEEP learning new things – and the only way you keep this up is to choose an industry you really love. We have always hired for attitude, not for skill – someone can be taught how to use a computer or write an email; but they can’t be taught to go the extra mile for a company. Also, think about your social media profiles and what sort of image you are promoting – are you someone who can be seen within the company or do you post pictures of drunk nights out with your friends? Be aware of your digital life as soon, if not already, this is what’s being reviewed alongside your CV.” Matt Greg Founder of Nosy Designs